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29th Jul 2022
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Meet Decomer (GIA Cohort 3)

Packaging can reduce food waste by extending the shelf-life of our food, but manufacturing food packaging can cause emissions, while the materials used can contribute to litter and #microplastics pollution.

Meet Decomer Technology Inc. They’re reinventing packaging with their all-natural, plant-based, food-grade packaging.

Hear more from Decomer’s co-founder Mart Salumäe in this Founder Feature on AFN. They’re taking part in Cohort 3 of our AgFunder GROW Impact Accelerator.

They’re also fundraising! 💸 For more details, get in touch with the AgFunder team.

"[Food packaging materials that are water-soluble] are mostly [made from] petroleum, animal-based ingredients, or unscalable plant-based feedstock which makes them either unsustainable or expensive to produce. By far the most widespread material is petroleum-based polyvinyl alcohol which is used to produce water-soluble detergent pods. On the other hand, we use a plant-based blend of mostly polysaccharides that are not just safe but are part of people’s everyday diet; meaning that, in our case, the packaging truly can be a part of your food."

Mart Salumäe
Co-founder and CEO
Read on at AFN