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13th Apr 2023
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Indigiearth partners with Boost Juice

Indigiearth, a Gateway to Asia cohort alumnus (a GROW Land x Launchâ„¢ programme delivered in partnership with Food Futures Company), has partnered with Boost Juice to introduce native Australian fruits and botanicals to their menu.

For a six-week period, Indigiearth will be providing native ingredients to Boost Juice to create strawberry gum, finger lime, and Davidson plum flavoured smoothies.

Boost Juice kickstarted the collaboration because they were interested in using native food products supplied by Indigiearth.

Award-winning innovator and supplier of modern Australian native food products

Founded in 1997, Indigiearth is a wholly Aboriginal-owned and established business that provides ethically sourced and sustainably harvested premium bush foods made from authentic Australian native products.

Indigiearth continually innovates their ever-growing range of responsibly sourced products by combining authentic products with modern technology.

Sourcing directly from Aboriginal communities across the country using traditional land management practices, Indigiearth fuels employment, income, and education within the community.

Congratulations to Sharon and her team at Indigiearth!

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