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22nd Feb 2023
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Future Fields Lands $11.2m Fundraise

Future Fields, our AgFunder GROW Impact Accelerator cohort 1 alumni, lands a hefty $11.2m USD to fuel the bio-manufacturing revolution in medical R&D, pharmaceuticals and cultivated meat.

This round includes a number of notable venture capitalists and founders, with Bee Partners increasing their equity stake from the previous round and Toyota Ventures providing an additional wealth of knowledge in large-scale manufacturing. The round also drew notable impact investors, such as Builders VC, AgFunder, Green Circle Foodtech and more.

This latest raise recognises the potential for a new manufacturing paradigm that can be unlocked by Future Fields’ EntoEngine™, a disruptive approach through synthetic biotechnology which harnesses fruit flies for recombinant protein production ethically and sustainably.

Unlocking a second milestone at the same time, Future Fields is deploying its technology not only to further developing cultivated meat, but also advancing into cell therapies and biopharmaceuticals with human recombinant proteins.

Solving the bio-manufacturing gap

Shifting from traditional bioreactors which are expensive and capacity-limited, Future Fields’ disruptive EntoEngine™ is 30x faster than tanks and extremely scalable with minimal investment.

As shared by Matt Anderson-Baron, co-founder and CEO of Future Fields, “As we unlock more proteins, we can scale production capacity while continuing to service over 60 companies in cellular agriculture and beyond.”

Using the funds from this latest raise, Future Fields will be hiring key personnel and building out the world first production facility which can produce proteins for cell culture with a smaller greenhouse gas footprint than existing bioreactor technology.

Jim Adler, Founder and General Partner of Toyota Ventures, who joined in this round shares that “It is time for disruptive innovation. We applaud Future Fields’ cost-effective, sustainable, and scalable biomanufacturing platform to fuel biotechnology’s next life-saving inventions.”

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