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19th Apr 2023
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Entocycle partners with Leeds University, advances research into pig manure for insect rearing

Entocycle, a Global Incubator Programme cohort 1 alumnus (a GROW Land x Launch™ programme delivered in partnership with Innovate UK) has partnered with Leeds University to investigate the safety and efficacy of using pig manure as a feed source for insect rearing.

While current quality research data already suggests the suitability of pig manure for rearing black soldier flies, important knowledge gaps remain around how the substrate should be handled, the safety of end products, and the like.

Entocycle helps to advance the utilisation of insects in food and feed supply chains by providing cutting-edge data collection within a containerised solution. By deploying their proprietary technology, Entocycle will help to ensure a safe working environment while conducting this crucial research.

Accelerating waste valorisation and transitioning to sustainable protein

Launched in 2017, Entocycle wants to accelerate a global transition to sustainable protein using insects, innovation and technology. Their complete black soldier fly farm (BSF) solution valorises local agricultural waste while producing a reliable supply of low-carbon insect protein and organic fertiliser ready for on-farm use or for distribution to high-growth, premium markets.

This partnership presented a perfect waste valorisation solution for Entocycle. Pig manure is a waste product, and often enters local waterways, leaving negative effects on local wildlife. According to the UK Environment Agency, farming is now the largest river polluter, causing algal blooms and declining aquatic life.

As their research proceeds, Will Bisset, Chief Commercial Officer, is optimistic that legislative changes to widen the variety of feedstock for feeding insects are upcoming “in the near term with increasing global pressures on protein supply”.

All the very best to Will and his team at Entocycle during this groundbreaking study!

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